5 Ways to #ComeCloser With Your Sister This 2015

My relationship with Vern is one of the things I treasure the most. She’s a best friend, partner in
crime, guidance counselor, mommy, and sister wrapped in one! If you’ve read Vern’s blog post about
how we do almost everything together, I have these to add:
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1. Travel.
I can just imagine learning new cultures, meeting new people, trying new food, and exploring their
tourist spots together. Last year, Vern and I went to Intramuros and learned a lot of Philippine history
and we promised to explore more of the country this 2015!
2. Workout
Remember that a family that works out together, stays together? Doesn’t it make your exercise
better? I’m so glad I’ve dragged Vern to go to the gym with me recently! We always love matching our
outfits even in Elorde too!
3. Pig out
And of course… a family that eats together, stays forever! Haha! Vern and I are such food lovers! We
love trying out new restaurants and desserts! Recently, we found our love for Korean spicy food!
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4. Shop
Shopping is probably one of our favorite ways of passing time and if we’re sad, retail therapy will
surely cure it! I think we just need more of it this year. Right, Vern? Haha!
IMG_1932 copy
5. Pray
To have a better relationship with a person is to be one with God. Vern and I are very God-fearing and
we always believe that prayers are very powerful. We try to never miss the Sunday mass with my
family in Magallanes church.

Vern and I value our sisterhood very much. After all, we’ve shared a lot of things growing up, and we plan to continue that well into this year. That’s why we’re planning to take on NIVEA’s invitation to #ComeCloser with each other even more this 2015. Even though the holiday season is already over, the new year offers us a fresh start—and more ways to come closer even more! Watch out for more of our adventures and make sure to do the same with sister, family, or bestie!

How about you? How did you #ComeCloser with those who matter to you?

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What You Missed Out On At Lifedance 2015

Location: Cebu City, Philippines

Annnnd we’re finally starting our #SmartSinulog 2015 posts!! I was really counting the days to this festival because not only as I know it’s sure to be fun but it’s also a very special weekend for me. I won’t repeat it anymore because I don’t wanna sound like a cheesy broken record! hihi For all of you who are not familiar with the event, it’s an annual one that happens in Cebu every third Sunday of January to celebrate Baby Jesus or the Santo Nino for us Filipinos. Well that’s the essence of it at least but for most of teenagers and yuppies from all over the country, it’s probably the best and most awaited festival of the year! It’s 3 days of non stop partying and Cebu kicked it off with Lifedance. Verniece and I didn’t get to go last year because of work and because of everything we heard about it from last year, we couldn’t wait to experience it for ourselves :)
We went at around 10 pm to visit the Smart booth for awhile. We knew that a lot of things awaited us subscribers and it didn’t fail us! Personally, my number one problem with these parties is that I run out of battery too fast because of all the pictures I take with my #SmartIphone6Plus and the booth solved that for me. Not only did the have a charging station but a Photo Booth area and a shop as well :) Smart did not only put up a booth but they also provided all Smart users with fast 3g and LTE that night :)
The line up was pretty good this year with only 2 local DJs and the rest were foreign. We stayed till around 3 am so yup, Smart helped us live all out for 5 whole hours! :P We had so much energy!
I think I now have a glimpse of how Cebu will look like during a zombie apocalypse! haha kidding! :P But look at the crowd!! It was held in an open space in SRP and it was filled with 17,000 party goers :)
We enjoyed the whole trip with our co ambassadors David and Lance :)
There goes our first #SmartSinulog party! :) Can’t wait to share with you a photo diary from the whole weekend and of course, the main event – Sinulog Sunday! :)

A big thank you to MadhouseMNL for all the party photos.

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Back in Paradise

Location: Cebu City, Philippines

Does anyone remember this top? :) If you have read my Malaysia travel posts, I wore this swimwear as a top there. As soon as I saw it I fell involve with the design so showing it to you again I feel is so very acceptable. This time, I finally got to wear it to the beach. Yay! I was back on one of my favourite places! Sand on my toes and sun on my face is exactly where I wanna be. I can’t wait till I can be at a beach again this weekend with my relatives who are visiting from Australia! Definitely can’t wait to spend more family time! :)
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DSCF0944 copy
DSCF094244 copy
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DSCF0933 copy
DSCF0927 copy copy
Swimwear from: CESA PH Shorts from: APARTMENT8  Hat from: H&M

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