Location: Baguio, Philippines

Lately, my sartorial choices have leaned towards pieces that give off the androgynous vibe in neutral colours. I don’t know if it’s because I started to feel the holiday weight gain so shapeless articles seem more convenient for me or I want to have a taste of my new dream travel destination – London even just through my outfits. The model off duty look is a signature Londoner style, don’t you agree?
I’m writing this blog post at 2:27 am here in Baguio while my cousins are all fast asleep. I don’t feel the Christmas spirit as much so this trip came just on time. The smell of pine trees, the cold weatherm layering and the company of my loved ones made it so much easier to :) Just 3 more days!!
Top from Charlotte Russe, Pants from Zara, Shoes from Suiteblanco, Coat from Forever 21, Bag from Kate Spade

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A Girl’s Tuxedo

Spinnr invited Verniece and I to their first ever hit list awards at Valkyrie and the invitation said that we had to be red carpet ready. The first thing that comes to mind when we’re given this kind of dress code is we have to be frilly and sparkly dresses but I imagined another picture. When I first saw Emma Watson don a girl’s version of a tuxedo, I wanted to wear my own but one in a dress adaptation. I never found the occasion to wear one so I never had one made. Lucky for me, Verniece scheduled a pull out at one of our favourite designers here in Manila a day before the event. Eric Delos Santos’ atelier is filled with dresses girls only dream of wearing and after about 4 racks, I saw this. I fell in love and knew it was the right time to wear it.

Dress from ERIC DELOS SANTOS, Shoes from Charles and Keith, Bag from Hong Kong, Russian Red lipstick from MAC COSMETICS

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A Food Wok Tour Around Binondo

Location: Binondo, Manila

It’s always been my dream of going around the world and I noticed that with the Travel Bucket List I made, I only have two local destinations which is bad considering that I’m a Filipino and exploring the Philippines is what I should prioritise. With the help of Nescafe, I started making my very own local Travel Bucket List and first was on my list was just on my backdoor, Binondo. It’s a town that’s just right beside Intramuros (a place I frequent) and I’ve always wanted to know the story behind it’s Chinese ran businesses. If there’s one thing they’re an expert of besides money, it’s really REALLY good authentic Chinese food. Nescafe arranged the Binondo Food Wok Tour for me and my friends and we got to taste 9 different dishes and it’s more than your cliché dim sum :) It’s perfect for the Christmas season since I can easily tag my friends along despite everyone’s busy schedules! No need to book flights :)
Here’s our Chinoy tour guide giving us a brief background on Binondo :)
An original fresh Chinese lumpia. It was TOO good!
Some of the food we ate from different restaurants around. Most of them were from LITERALLY hole in the wall places!
Dimsum made with love.
Our last stop was this stall that sold dried Chinese goods. My favourite was the kiamoy!

Thank you Nescafè for this opportunity! :) Can’t wait to explore more of the Philippines!
All photos taken using my #SmartIphone6Plus

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