7 Things You Learn When Travelling With Your Partner

They say that you will never really know a person till you’ve travelled with them. That you will know all the little quirks and annoying habits they try to conceal from you no matter how much you see each other on a day to day basis. There are even articles circling right now that you shouldn’t marry your significant other till you’ve done this! I’m one of the few lucky girls who has the privilege to do this with my boyfriend. We’ve gone to 4 different countries and the trips we do together gets longer and longer. Our first trip was when I went to Hong Kong with him and his family for less than 48 hours, Singapore for about 4 days, Japan for six days and the latest one was a whole month in the US. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think before that I would get to do this and I’ve honestly wanted to before but things really do happen for a reason :) I’m so happy that I got to this first with Ben! I really wouldn’t have it any other way :) (So if you’re sad that you’re not allowed or you’re not permitted to by an external force, there’s a BIIIIG explanation for it. You just wait :D)

Anyway, I knew bits of him when we travelled on those short trips but I never really got to see how he was till the 29 days we spent with his family in the States. It was actually more convenient for me that we were with them because he was in his most comfortable state and “natural habitat” per se so I got to see how he really was. He couldn’t hide his home habits from me anymore! haha :) I won’t embarrass the two of us as a couple so I’ll make this general (lol) but here are the 5 things I learned while travelling with Ben :)
1. The way they react to getting lost, losing valuables or any some sort of hassle you experience is a pretty accurate way to know how they will handle a problem about you, work and your future family. I found out that Ben and I are actually and surprisingly interchange personalities when this happens!
2. You will never really know their spending patterns until you’ve shopped with them in a sale or in general. I’m sure I made Ben really nervous when he saw me shop in the States! haha
3. Their eating and sleeping habits are crazier than you actually imagined plus combine that with an unfamiliar place, language barrier with locals and long walks. You should master the art of forgiving especially when fights are started because nothing can make a person moodier than sleep deprivation and hunger. I remember rolling my eyes and raising my voice for the first time at Ben at one point and I remember him ignoring me for a good half an hour because I wanted to take more pictures and he was hungry. lol #bloggerproblems
4. No matter how long you’ve been together and how comfortable you are with each other, bathroom habits will still be a shock! Then you get used to it and love them for it anyway. haha
5. You will see how selfish and how selfless they really are towards you till you’re put in a possibly life threatening or in a situation that will give them a hard time. You will see how long they’re willing to endure pain and sweat for you :)
6. No matter how different you both are from one another, you will form this system that will make you realize that your differences were meant to compliment each other. Even if one’s a home body and the other can’t stay put, or if the other person is a morning person and the other loves to sleep in or if the other’s good in directions and other can’t read maps or the other person doesn’t have the confidence to ask directions from strangers and the other has the most kapal face and all the other small things that are different, you will realize that you don’t have these skills because the person you’re meant to be with have these. That if you’re meant to be with this person no matter how long of a time you’re permitted to be together, you will realize that your blessings are meant to be the filler of their shortcomings and vice versa. I got goosebumps when I realized this because it was so sakto (perfectly fits). The things I can’t do, he can! It was so amazing! :p
7. That seeing the world is really better when you have someone by your side. I’ve travelled with family and I have yet to travel with myself but after crossing out a few numbers off my travel bucket list, I imagined how it was like if I did see them by myself as planned before I met Ben. It probably would’ve been an amazing journey there knowing that I can do it alone but getting lost and getting excited with someone made it so much better. All the more seeing the destination with someone to lean your head on to and say, “wow, I can’t believe we’re in front of this, together.”

Cheesy post but I do hope that you will get the privilege of experiencing this as well even once before you settle down or even if you’ve settled down, this is a nice way to get to know your partner more :)

Sweater from American Eagle, Polo from Mango, Skirt from IHANA STORE, Boots from Forever 21, Bag from Valentino

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Touchdown Japan

I just can’t wait to tell you how I spent my days in Japan! I’m sure you’ve all read Vern’s perspective and now it’s my turn! :) It’s sad Vern couldn’t join us since no one would take care of baby vernes so she had to stand behind. My family and I used to travel a lot together but there are a lot of factors that couldn’t permit us to for quite awhile so this trip got me counting down to it and we’re finally here!!! :)

It was quite a long trip since we had a stopover in Hongkong and our flight was delayed so we arrived in Tokyo pretty late. It’s sad we didn’t have much time on our first day but the japanese food made up for it! We tried a hole-in-a-wall restaurant and it was oishi (delicious)! It was like a grilled buffet type, where in they served 10 different kinds of their best grilled dishes. It was so good that we got upset that they set it out in small amounts.. to think we had 40 in total each haha :( (yes, my family has a big appetite and we’re not ashamed! haha) After dinner, we explored the streets of Ginza and had dessert. We felt worn out from the flight and ended our first early to energise ourselves for our second day :) IMG_1365 copy IMG_2715 IMG_2716 IMG_1469 IMG_2727 IMG_2718 IMG_2738 IMG_2737 IMG_2736 IMG_1428 IMG_2723 IMG_2722 IMG_2721 IMG_2731 IMG_2739 Coat from: SUITE BLANCO Top from: H&M Bag from: Céline  IMG_2730
IMG_2724 copy copy
IMG_2728 IMG_2726

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At Downtown, Las Vegas

DSCF4330 copy
DSCF4366 copy
DSCF4337 copy
DSCF4340 copy
DSCF4334 copy
DSCF4349 copy
DSCF4348 copy
DSCF4346 copy
DSCF4351 copy
DSCF4359 copy
DSCF4352 copy
DSCF4370 copy
DSCF4355 copy
Top from Zara, Skirt and Cardigan from American Eagle Outfitters, Shoes from Steve Madden, Sunglasses from Céline, Bag from Valentino, Earrings from SM ACCESSORIES

When I took outfit photos in Las Vegas, I made sure to have one in every part of the city. One outside the hotel (a post you can view here), one inside, one in the nicer part of Las Vegas but my favourite has got to be the set of photos I took in Downtown. It had a charm that you and I would appreciate even when it used to be the place when Vegas was ran by moms who love to gamble. It had graffiti walls everywhere, closed photogenic motel entrances, yummy hole in the wall Filipino restaurants and the most random museums. Oh Las Vegas, how I miss you.

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