10 Little Things That Brighten My Day Immediately

_MG_8900 copy Goooodmorning!!! (in a cheerfully mannered way) I’m honestly not a morning person but now that i have 8am classes, i have no choice to be one. Note to myself: never ever get 8am classes again. Haha! Now that the damage is done, i have no choice but adjust to it. So here are 5 little things that brightens my day immediately to avoid the grumpy verniece! :) _MG_8800 copy 1. BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS and this definitely requires anything with bacon on it. Hahaha! #PiggyVerniece I’m so happy that our SM Shoot is finally over, i can eat all the bacon i want again! Hahaha! I don’t usually go on a diet but when i found out who my partner was, i had to! You’ll know more about it when I blog it soon :) _MG_8937 copy 2. My current favourite song/playlist It’s amazing how music can change your emotion so quick! A happy indie playlist from #SmartSpinnr is a need! _MG_8921 copy 3. Crushie :P

4. Funny videos from Vine They never fail to make me laugh. This is probably one of my brother, Vernon and I’s favorite bonding together, we end up on the floor! Hahaha! Hi Vernon!! _MG_8836 copy 5. FOOD I think i mentioned about food earlier.. but i just had to mention it again. No one can replace you, Piknik/Cheetos Jalapenos/DingDong/Pinkberry/Acai and pizza! Tip: When i’m grouchy.. i’m probably just hungry 94% of the time. Hahaha!

6. Good TV Show/Movie is showing I’ve recently been hooked with the new tv series, How To Get Away with Murder.. and ughi hate that i started watching it already. Now i have to wait every 2 weeks til the new episode comes out but if you’re in search for a good watch, i definitely recommend it! It’s worth the wait! _MG_8950 copy 7. Knowing that work is done May it be school work or related to the blog, nothing beats “me time” :)

8. Baby Vernes We’re always so grateful for you, baby vernes! You don’t know how much smiles you have given me and the rest of the family  :D _MG_8962 copy 9. Self Realization Don’t forget to count your blessings. Always be grateful :)

10. YOU!! Thank you for reading this post!! :) Readers will always be part of Vern and I’s happiness :)  Now it’s your turn to tell me what brightens your day? Just comment below!! :) Untitled-1Camera Case from: COCO x FIFI Romper from: THISTLE  Shoes from: Aldo Earrings from: PINKBOX 

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The Suburbs

I’m finally blogging about my first photo diary from my US trip! :) I’ve mentioned it before but just a little recall for those who hasn’t read V<3V for awhile, I've been staying in Virginia before taking a short trip to New York. The suburbs is exactly how it is in American family movies. Remember Home Alone? Those houses? the surroundings? Exactly like that. It's the perfect example so you can picture it in your head. My first few days here has been nothing but eating. A few family reunions for Ben's family and shopping here and there but that's basically it. haha! I was only there for a 4 days before heading to the city but I think I already gained 5 pounds! haha It's a plus that everyone in his family is a cook so imagine how I look now. haha :) Goodthing I can layer here! Anyway, here's what I've been up to in pictures!
IMG_5045 copy
After a total of 24 hours of travelling, I’m finally here!
Their main purpose of this trip was for a wedding. Here’s what I wore! :)
IMG_5288 copy
IMG_5262 copy
IMG_5451 copy
and be ready for a influx of fall tree pictures!
DSCF3492 copy
DSCF3491 copy
DSCF3481 copy
DSCF3485 copy
DSCF3477 copy
DSCF3479 copy
DSCF3455 copy
DSCF3459 copy
DSCF3494 copy
DSCF3453 copy
DSCF3450 copy
DSCF3493 copy
DSCF3474 copy
Can’t wait to start sharing New York with you!! :)

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Make Up Tutorial: Girls Night Out

And finally the weekend has arrived!! :) Aren’t you excited to just spend the night with your girlfriends and dance the night away? :P but to tell you the truth, prepping up before it makes it more exciting! Vern and I are such noobs for make up so we’re so thankfully whenever we get to collaborate with MAC Philippines! :) And this time it’s for your regular night outs with the limited Kelly and  Sharon OSBOURNES Collection :)  I love how vibrant this collection is! The Lipsticks are definitely my favourite :) They’re finally available in the Philippines!!! In all MAC Branches :) DSCF0519 copy Since Vern and I aren’t blessed with deep set eyes, this will surely give the best illusion for it! :) Here’s the quick step by step tutorial: DSCF0531 copy Step 1: First apply your foundation and concealer  DSCF0533 copy

The Bloody Brilliant Quad

DSCF0536 copy Step 2: Apply the pink shade as your base. DSCF0540 copy Step 3: Next apply the dark purple to your crease.
Trace along your crease and socket then flick out towards the corner of your brow bone with a much darker colour. This will give it the smokey eye effect. DSCF0553 copy Step 4: Apply maskara and eye liner.  Always work from the inside and get thicker towards the end :)  DSCF0554 copy copy Step 5: Touch it up with a white eyeliner to give it to make your eyes sparkle! DSCF0559 copy Last step: Kelly yum yum to brighten it up :) DSCF0522 copy DSCF0621 copy   MAC Branches:  Glorietta, Shangrila, Mall of Asia, Trinoma, Rockwell, Ayala Center Cebu, Eastwood, Alabang Town, SM Aura, SM North Edsa

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