6 Advantages When Travelling With Your Family

After  reading Vern’s “7 Things You Learn When Travelling With Your Partner” i couldn’t relate so i wrote an article who are having me time and who has just been travelling with their family. So to all the single people and who are still waiting for their someone, this post is dedicated to you! :) IMG_3192 1. YOU CAN BE AS COMFORTABLE AS YOU CAN BE. You can be you and they will still love you anyway :) From the little things like, you can suggest whichever places you want to go or what you wanna do and since we’re the children, our suggestions are mostly accepted :P plus we even do number 2 anytime you want and not feel any awkwardness at all haha IMG_3134 copy 2. Annoy your siblings but..  Vernon and I honestly both have different interests but at the end of the day, we still get to talk about his lovelife and bond with our midnight snacks. We missed you, Vern! IMG_2171 IMG_3188 IMG_3187 IMG_3130 3. You always feel secured Yes, you might feel secured with your someone but there’s a big difference if it’s with your dad :) and fine, Vernon too.. Haha! IMG_2185 IMG_3186 IMG_3189 4. Everything is free! This is definitely one of my favourite advantages! Don’t you agree? :P I’ve experienced travelling with Vern alone before and.. let’s not go into that. But hi mommy and daddy! :) From food, lodging, transportation and shopping! (I suggest to definitely make the most out of this haha) IMG_3193 IMG_2593 copy 5. They will take as much outfit photos of me and they have no choice. Hahaha!  I would like to thank mom and dad for taking my 10000 photos and for being patient with me. Vern wasn’t around so i had to bug them everytime, Haha! I might have annoyed them a few times but look how lovely the outcome is :) IMG_3131 copy 6. Extra Quality Time Our family is very clingy but with our fast pace life, One family day isn’t enough. I’m so grateful to have spent extra quality time with my parents. We often forget that as we get older, they get older too. I love you both! Stay in love :) IMG_3194 IMG_3190 Dress from: MUSE BY GIANNE Shoes from: GAP Before you start travelling with someone, it’s nice to take advantage the time you spend with your family :) I’m sure I missed out a lot! If you have anything to add, don’t hesitate and comment below :)

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Waking Up In Vegas

I woke up in Vegas for two weeks straight and even if that seems like a long time to stay in a place for a vacation, I don’t have enough pictures. I had all the time in the world but all I have are pictures at night! I guess you can say I was nocturnal there. haha Even my pictures inside hotels look like it was already 8 pm outside even if we went in the afternoon. I guess that’s what draws people in about the place, you’ll always feel like you have to be awake and hyper! No time for sleeping. For them at least, Ben, his family and I mostly stayed indoors or in the mall during the daytime! haha :) Anyway, it’s sad that this is my last photo diary for my US trip but I squeezed in two weeks worth of happenings into about 50 pictures :) Hope you enjoy! IMG_1155 We landed in Vegas and went straight to New York New York for their roller coaster. I guess you can say that we were still hung up on theme parks from our trip to Busch Gardens! IMG_1156 And our first meal was this.. which in my opinion sucks. Shake shack was SO much better! <3 IMG_1171 IMG_1172 Our second hotel stop was Bellagio because everyone’s been telling us to try their famous dessert place – Jean Philippe. IMG_1162 This was heavenly. It may look weird to you but this was pure heavenly goodness. A taste of heaven on a plate! Untitled-5 The biggest chocolate fondue in the world! There’s a Guinness Record plaque to prove it :) IMG_1160 Even if all there is to do in Las Vegas are casinos and clubs, we didn’t start doing that till our last week there. You can say that Ben and I panicked when I realised that we only had 7 days left and we haven’t experienced the city’s nightlife. On our first week, we did the most random things – like get tickets to Life Is Beautiful music festival where we got to see Kanye live. This was very random but so happy we got to see him live! Untitled-4 IMG_1161 The festival was held at Downtown and they put up all of these graffiti walls for it. IMG_1165 The next night, they brought us to Yard House. A good food and drink place that is right below the High Roller. It’s the big ferris wheel or observation deck where you can see the whole of the Strip. We didn’t ride that because I rode the one in Singapore and I got so bored! haha Imagine staying inside a spherical room for 30 minutes! IMG_1169 They had graffiti walls as well. I guess Vegas can be artsy, too :) IMG_1163 We then tried Burgr of Gordon Ramsay the next day for lunch. This was taken at around 11 am and see how the pictures look like they were taken 11 at night! haha IMG_1166 I ordered the wrong thing – The Hog Burger but I tried Ben’s and my tita’s and they were sooooo gooooooooodd! Untitled-3 These two made up for it though :) IMG_1164 IMG_1152 IMG_1154 IMG_1144 We also went hotel hopping and Paris was one our stops. The interior wasn’t as great as the exterior but it’s still a taste of Paris! :) IMG_1142 IMG_1141 We also passed by Cesear’s Palace and ate here! IMG_1137 Ben’s cousin and his girlfriend who’s been living in Vegas for quite awhile now took us to this place called Monta and their ramen was good! Close to the one in Japan :) IMG_1140 IMG_1143 We also went to Stratosphere to try the rides! I don’t have the pictures of the ones I tried but they were pretty fun and scary. All these rides are about 150 floors up btw! haha The one pictured above is the scariest for me. IMG_1128 After the adrenaline rush’s died down, it was nice to see this view :) IMG_1147 And finally, after a week of sight seeing and stopping by almost all the hotels in The Strip, we tried the nightlife! :) It originated here for a reason. I don’t think I’m ever going out here in Manila after experiencing it in Vegas :P IMG_1129 IMG_1130 IMG_1133 IMG_1134 Untitled-6 IMG_1136 On our last day, we made sure to experience at least one hotel in the morning and our last one was The Venetian. Looks exactly like the one in Macau but it was still nice to see the original :) IMG_1135 IMG_1139 IMG_1138 Also, our last tourist stop was The Red Rock! :) It reminded me how creative God was. IMG_1180 And our last food stop was Wicked Spoon and probably my favourite in my whole stay in the US. It was this buffet that plated it in a fine dining way. Not only was it served in a cute way but it tasted amazing too! :) IMG_1127 There you have it! :) Adios Vegas! Just one more outfit post and I’m done sharing my US trip with you :)

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How I Spent My Second Day in Japan

Since we feel like we wasted our first day in Japan, we made sure to wake up early and maximize our second day. I remember being so excited to finally start our trip! :) Let’s just imagine we’re now in a time machine, go back in time and let me take you with me :) I made sure to take lots of photos so you visualize clearly :) Just read through the captions!
Good morning, Tokyo!! :)
IMG_1536 copy
We first went to Tokyo’s most famous Shinto shrine, Meiji Shrine!! :) Fun fact number 1, the shrine is dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shken.
Check out my mom’s details, i think she should be a mommy blogger too.. don’t you agree? ;) haha kidding mom!
and here are mine!
It’s a pretty long walk to the Shrine so just please follow me but fun fact number 2: It’s surrounded by around 120,000 trees which were donated by people from all parts of Japan! 
Say hi to my daddy Verne and brother Verne!
I wish we had autumn in the Philippines..
A happy coincidence, November 15th is the actual date of 7-5-3, families celebrate by dressing up their children who’s ages 7, 5, 3 years old for the coming of age so we got to witness these little cuties! It really made us miss baby Verne a lot! I wonder how he looks like in a kimono. Hahaha! 
Matching kimonos, too adorable!
Before entering the shrine you first have a japanese tradition, Temizu (hand and mouth washing custom). I was told that it was to purify one self. We were all not familiar about this but it’s a good thing, a kind local helped us :)
Look at how cute their costumes are! If only I was 7,5 or 3 years old.. Hahaha!
Here’s another Japanese tradition I learned and here are the instructions on how to pay respect.
IMG_2909 copy
Aside from seeing the place in first hand, this was my favourite part in visiting the shrine. It’s called Ema, a small wooden plaques on which wishes or desires are written upon. I hope what I wrote on my Ema will come true.. :) 
and my family’s wishes as well :)
IMG_2930 copy
Since we went on a Sunday, the site was pretty packed.
This might be Hello Panda of Meiji chocolate in Meiji Shrine?? hmmm.. Hahaha! #hypervernieceattack
Before we left the shrine, we made sure to eat some of their famous takoyaki. It was oishi!!
Coat from: LIGHT IN THE BOX 
lpppp copy
The Shrine was just 1.5km away from Harajuku so that led us to our next stop!
Warm hugs for Daddy Verne!
DSCF5764 copy
Harajuku! Gaaaah! The clothes were very much my style! Everywhere i looked, there were either pink, ribbons or lace. *drooling
I got to try their famous crepes too!
Here’s my version of a cliche Harajuku crepe photo :)
DSCF5786 copy
There were a lot of shops who had costumes that were sold in a very affordable price. I regret not getting my halloween costume here for next year :(
After exploring the street of Takeshita, we headed back to the hotel and got some rest before going to our next stop.
DSCF5847 copy
Last stop of the day, Ginza! After tragic fire, the government designated the Ginza area as a “model of modernization.” 
Katsudon for the boys!
and Ramen for the girls!
We also got to try the famous Manneken Waffles!
and mochi pandas! So charming! It’s was hard to eat them! haha
and of course, ice cream. Please don’t judge how takaw i was, I was on vacation. Haha!
This ends our second day in Japan. Hope you enjoyed and learned a thing or two! :)

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