Yosi Samra’s Regional Brand Ambassador

I already announced this last year but it’s only last September 3 that Yosi Samra officially introduced me to the press as their REGIONAL brand ambassador. Yup, it means I (A FILIPINA!!!) get to represent the region!!! :) They timed it with Yosi Samra’s once in a lifetime visit here in the Philippines. It was such an honor to meet him and all the more represent his brand here in Asia! :) A big thank you for the trust Steve and Yosi! :)

Here’s what I wore to the event and I wanted to share with you some snippets, too! I went through my outfit posts from last year and this is the last time you’ll see me in something this girly. I miss how I used to dress up! Say hello to the old Vern in the next few outfit posts! :)
DSCF9582 copy
DSCF9588 copy
DSCF9601 copy
Romper from APARTMENT 8, Shoes from YOSI SAMRA, Bag from Tory Burch
DSCF9493 copy
The event was held at their SM Aura branch. DSCF9455 copy
Got to chit chat with Mr. Samra himself before the programme started!
DSCF9470 copy
DSCF9496 copy
DSCF9466 copy
My favorite from the new collection! :)
DSCF9482 copy
My ever supportive twin was there as well <3 Love you, Vern!
DSCF9491 copy
DSCF9489 copy
Hope you’re happy about this as I am!! :)

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An Easier Way to Have Your Mcdo Cravings Delivered

I had such a packed schedule last Wednesday. With only 5 hours of sleep, I arrived from Cebu, had a meeting, gave a talk in Miriam College, and then there I was on my 6th blog post draft. If there’s one thing I do to cope with these, I binge on food. It’s my little way to survive days like these! But with my one hand and half of my brain focused on typing, I need some convenient way to order my favourite comfort food. Thankfully, McDonald’s made my life easier and possible for me to have food delivered at my doorstop but not having to stop me from working by talking on the phone! The new McDO PH app, available on Google Play and iOs App store (all for free!) made it easier for me. I actually tried it today for the first time and registering was easy peasy since I can just press connect through Facebook and they did all the work for me – I didn’t have to fill in all the details! Then right after, the menu appeared before me and I was all ready to order! :) If you’re to ask me what I ordered for me and my family, here it is! IMG_2832 copy What I love about the application is that I can order anytime and anywhere now. I don’t have to waste money on calling landline using my cellphone or wait for the landline at home to be free so I can order. Just a few clicks on my cellphone! Craving yet? Go on… give in :P

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A Hair Makeover at Status Salon

DSCF9655 copy
Just like week, Verniece and I went to the newest branch of Status Salon Premier. All their branches are mostly in the north so imagine our delight when they told us they’re finally opening in Legazpi St., MAKATI?? :) Horraaay for south people like us! Anyway, if you’ve noticed on our instagram, this the salon that’s recently been doing our hair and make up, giving us haircuts and treatments. We both have such long locks that we care and love that we need a salon who loves it just as much as we do and here comes Status! It’s the perfect two way street relationship or it even sometimes loves us more :P With the special Argan oil treatment it’s been giving us the past two weeks, we’ve never been this satisfied with our hair :) I can even wash and go this time! Here’s our experience:
DSCF9651 copy
The branch had chic interiors that any girl would appreciate.
DSCF9707 copy
Here are their new celebrity endorsers! Karylle and Camille Prats.
DSCF9706 copy
DSCF9708 copy
DSCF9689 copy
Verniece had her first haircut in years! 2 years if I’m not mistaken! :)
DSCF9682 copy
DSCF9711 copy
She had her hair layered to give her curls more volume. The senior stylist did an amazing job!
DSCF9719 copy
Right after her haircut, she got the treatment I was telling you about above! :)
DSCF9750 copy
DSCF9672 copy
I don’t have pictures but I had my hair coloured. It’s bad for my hair but I love changing it every now and then. For those readers who have been here since last year, remember when I changed it at least 5 times in the past 3 months? :) haha!
kkkkk copy
Look at the outcome of Verniece’s hair! Doesn’t it look better?? :)
DSCF9742 copy
Here we are with Robina and the senior stylist :) Thank you Rob for always always accommodating us :) Can’t wait to visit again soon!! :)
And now that they’ve settled in their new branches, Status Hair Salon is now open for franchising! Verniece and I are even considering making this our first business :) We shall see!

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