Times Square, New York

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Top from COTTON ON, Skirt from MUSE BY GIANNE DILAY, Shoes and Hat from H&M, Bag from Valentino

It’s been awhile since I was inspired by something – work related. I even felt like I reached a plateau when it comes to how I dress up and my fashion choices but New York changed my perspective on how street style should be. You have no idea how badly I want to wipe my closet out and shop for a whole new wardrobe! haha Anyway, it’s pretty surreal for me to take these pictures in the middle of  Times Square. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that this was possible and I’m happy that I’m slowly ticking off my travel bucket list one by one :) I’m currently in Las Vegas right now and all there is to do here is eat during the day so excuse my lack of updates on instagram. I guess now that I spend less time on there, I blog more so that’s a good thing! haha

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5 Reasons Why New York is More Than What You Imagined It To Be

I’ve been dreaming of going to New York since my first episode of Sex and The City which was all the way back in 2006. I remember daydreaming of walking the busy streets, hailing yellow cabs, eating in hole in the wall restaurants and meeting the most eccentric people in the most beautiful and random places :) I even daydreamed of falling in love in the city after watching Serendipity which I watched in 2008. Fast forward to 6 years later, I finally did all of and it was more than how I imagined it to be. Here are 5 reasons why: DSCF3633 copy 1. There is something new in every corner of the city. Movies have always been my reference but I didn’t realize that it is a fact. A new street means every new restaurant to go to and every new avenue means every new tourist post to see. It’s a small city filled with something different. Some can be weird and some be in the line of your taste but for sure you’ll never get bored! :) IMG_5888 copy DSCF3630 copy 2. The people you encounter will be different from the previous ones. I was only there for three days but I saw angry stressed black people, frustrated people on wall street, really nice baristas in Starbucks, fashionable people on the upper east side and even readers in Greenwich Village. People would literally just strike up a conversation with you in the train or while you’re walking. I honestly felt culture shocked at times! haha :) DSCF3639 copy IMG_5953 copy 3. The food is amazing anywhere you go. There was literally not one single entree we ate that wasn’t good. Their pizzas proved tales to be true, Halal Guys food truck was my favourite, dessert places were mouth watering and their side street vendors for bagels and coffee can live up to your expectations of delis back home. There were meals I’m sure I’ll remember forever! :P DSCF3638 copy 4. The fast paced lifestyle. Every seems to be always on the go which is good because it helps you adapt and makes you learn new things. It’s true what they say – in New York, you’re on your own. Everyone is always competitive – even something as small as being competitive to get a seat/places on the train or to get in line somewhere. My mom always warned me to be careful in the city and it’s true, when you ask for directions, sometimes you’ll even feel like you can’t trust the person you’re asking! haha but the lifestyle will make you acquire so much skills you can’t somewhere else. I met up with my friends who are already based there and they said the same thing! Imagine the things they absorbed when I felt that way after only three days. DSCF3642 copy 5. You’ll find your corner and place somewhere. I’ve gone to every main corner in the city except Brooklyn (I know I missed out) but I’m sure every personality will feel like they belong somewhere which is why I want to move there. I’m at an age where I still want to absorb every single thing I can and the place is filled with so much culture that I know I can feed all my curiosities there. It’s a city that you and I can either know ourselves more or feel so lost in that we’ll know what we want and don’t want. Spending three days in NYC made me realize that there is still so much to see outside the little bubble I put myself in and that world is full of infinite possibilities and opportunities. If you feel that way too, Newwww Yoooooorkkkk is for you. :) DSCF3632 copy Top and Socks from Charlotte Russe, Skirt from APARTMENT 8, Coat from MUSE by GIANNE DILAY, Hat from H&M, Shoes from Mango, Sunglasses and Bag from Celine Watch out for the photo diary coming in a few days! :) For now, hope you like the outfit posts coming your way! I promise I’ll update more :)

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Black is the New Pink

DSCF0490 copy copy
It’s crazy how i went from an extreme girly color to the opposite edge. Pink will always be my favourite color but i enjoyed experimenting with other styles that i got attached to the color black without knowing it. Hahaha! I was going through my instagram page and noticed that i’ve been wearing it consecutively! :P Aside from it in the dark side, i still try to inject my girly style :) I hope it looks ok with me though, what do you think? :)

Anyway i’m currently on the search of new topics to write here, please help me and suggest something below! :) I always want to hear what you to see on the blog! :)

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Top from: HUMAN Accessories form: SM ACCESSORIES

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