Be A Creamsilk Ambassador Like Us!

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Cream Silk giving you the chance to be beauty ambassadors of Cream Silk just like us! :) Here’s how you can join:
1. The contest is open to all females, ages 13 to 22 years old only.
2. To enter, contestant must go to and upload ONE (1) photo of herself with #BeyondBeautiful hair in jpeg format; file size not larger than 2MB
3. After uploading a photo, contestants must also provide the following details: Name, birthday, address, email address and mobile number.
4. Contestant will then be asked to answer each question in less than 50 words:
-  What are you most proud of about yourself?
- Why do you want to be a Cream Silk #BeyondBeautiful Ambassador?
- As a Cream Silk #BeyondBeautiful Ambassador, how can you empower young Filipinas like you to be confident, unstoppable, and limitless?

If you have shy friends who you know will do well as an ambassador, here’s how you can nomite her:
1. Send your friend’s details (as stated above) along with their #BeyondBeautiful photo
2. Answer the following questions in less than 50 words:
- What are you most proud of about your friend?
- Why would she be a good Cream Silk #BeyondBeautiful Ambassador?
- As a Cream Silk #BeyondBeautiful Ambassador, how can she empower young Filipinas like her to be confident, unstoppable, and limitless?

Ten (10) Ambassadors and one (1) People’s Choice Awardee will be chosen on September 17, 2014, Wednesday (tentative date), 5 p.m. (tentative time) at the Summit Media Office, located at 6th Floor, Robinsons Cybergate Tower 3, Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong, by a Cream Silk representative and a representative, with the presence of an FDA representative.

Not only will you be one of Cream Silk’s ambassadors, you will win these too!
1.  A feature on Cream Silk’s pages inside Candy Magazine and as part of Cream Silk and Candy’s #BeyondBeautiful 30
2. One (1) year supply of Cream Silk products
3. One (1) year subscription of Candy Magazine
4. Ten thousand pesos (Php 10,000) Shopping gift card
5. Meet and Greet with us!

You only have till September 8 to join so hurry!!

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Kadayawan Festival, Davao

The first time we went to Davao was two years ago for the collaboration we had with homegrown brand, Soul Lifestyle. We loved the place so much that we’ve been finding all the excuses to go back since. Fast forward to August 2014, we were invited by Smart to live all out with them at the Kadayawan Festival! What an amazing time to come back so lucky us! :) IMG_0465 IMG_4110 copy IMG_4111 copy IMG_0481 copy IMG_4118 copy koko copy IMG_0533 IMG_0496 IMG_0535 IMG_0520 copy IMG_0490 IMG_0540 IMG_0537 It was Verns’ first birthday party Saturday afternoon so we left Manila Saturday night just in time for the #LiveAllOut party at Crocodile Farm by Spectrum! Well it may not be as big as Sinulog but Davao proved on my 19th birthday sugat that they could party but they sure did a thousand times more during this one. This is the first time such party happened here in Davao and Smart helped all attendees go all out by providing charging stations, wifi zones (see, they love you even if you’re a subscriber!) and VIP areas! The party ended pretty early as compared to the other festivals I’ve been in but I sure did have fun! :) DSCF8548 copy IMG_0589 copy DSCF8546 copy DSCF8543 copy DSCF8537 copy DSCF8542 copy DSCF8539 copy We woke up early the next day for the Smart float. This is the second time Verniece and I experienced this and we can say that Davaoeños gave us such a great welcome! We were so surprised when people actually knew us in general on the streets! :) Not a lot of course but still!!! :)

We had the rest of Sunday afternoon free so we tried their famous restaurants. You can say that in the short 36 hours we were there, all we did was eat! I think we had about 6 meals! haha DSCF8563 copy Verniece wanted to rest in the hotel so Ben and I headed out to eat. He was craving for Japanese so we went to Abreeza for Tsuru! Apparently it’s homegrown too! :)
IMG_0602 copy IMG_0606 copy
IMG_1604 IMG_1608 copy DSCF8738 DSCF8736 copy DSCF8727 copy DSCF8724 copy DSCF8721 DSCF8708 copy DSCF8710 copy DSCF8711 copy DSCF8702 copy DSCF8694 copy Our first agenda was the crocodile meat at Crocodile park. It had a distinct taste but the smell kind of threw me off. Verniece just had a couple of bites to taste and Ben finished the ribs! Not bad for something as gross looking as a crocodile :| haha! IMG_4169 We went to Tiny Kitchen after for dessert to get the crocodile taste off my mouth. This was the first restaurant we ever tried in Davao two years ago so we just had to come back! Their desserts are still good as we remembered them to be! IMG_0623 copy IMG_4212 copy IMG_4209 copy We had time to rest before meeting the Smart Davao Team aka Chrissy and Yeg. We had dinner at Boiling Crabs and Shrimps restaurant, a place that left us so full and high blood after! haha We were all so dizzy! haha IMG_0626 copy IMG_0633 copy IMG_0639 copyIMG_4242 copy IMG_0638 copy IMG_0653 copy We still had the energy to go out and eat dessert (Don’t judge) so we tried Saging Republiq. What a very instagrammable place! We had so much pictures there and I still have a few I wanna post on my account :P IMG_4261 copy Again, we had the night to free to explore Davao and went to Brewery to catch up with new friends! Ended our day at Taps (Yup, we ate again! haha) then soundly slept right after. We had an afternoon flight the next day so the morning was spent checking out our book! :) Our Davao readers, it’s available at Fully Booked :) We had to stop by for fruits too on the way to the airport! DSCF8857 copy IMG_4277 copy DSCF8856 copy DSCF8855 copy Over all, the trip was as fun as any Smart Live All Out trip was in the past. Cant wait for the next one!! I’m crossing my fingers Verniece goes to Maskarra cause I had a blast last year! :) To view more photos from the festival, look for the hashtag #SmartKadayawan on twitter and instagram! :)

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V1, V2 and You At VxVBookLaunch Glorietta

OUR BLOG IS FINALLY UP!!! :) After four days, its up and running again! To thank you for all the sweet gestures you’ve been doing to let us know it’s down or you’ve been waiting for it, here’s a blog post with all the pictures with our readers during the first VxV Book Launch :) I wish we had a picture with each and everyone of you but here’s all we have :( But thank you thank you for coming, girls! :) q p o n l m Even some of our  family and friends got to come! The only guests we thought we’re coming with us :) Aw! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! :) And finally for part two our the launch, it’s going to be this coming Saturday! WEEE!!! So excited! :) We hope you are too! :) E-invite2

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