Worth It

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Dress from:FASHION, BEAUTY & BEYOND  Shoes from: SUITE BLANCO Necklace from: SM ACCESSORIES Earrings from: PINKBOX

So yesterday i finally started my first immersion for our NSTP! My class where we have to go to a school and teach the kids who are in need and so far… i’m enjoying it! we had our planning on what we’ll we do for the sessions we’ll have with them and since my group are mostly from my course (media arts) we’ll be painting and drawing with them! We’ll be teaching them what we learn in school too :) I know i said i hate morning classes but i’m sure this one will be worth it :)

I can’t wait to share my experience in the next few weeks with the kids! anyway have a great weekend! :)
<3, Verniece

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  • eira

    I love the shoes,the bag,the dress.Everything!! ILOVE @vernvernice

  • Haze Amarillo Jimenez

    love this look… so gorgeous.. i hope you have a post on how you organize your closet, shoes, accessories, bags etc.. helping and reaching out to others reminds us that we belong in a community and its a big big world out there… we could always make a difference.. ^_^

  • Riva Shane Bunagan

    This look is super classy! Hope you enjoy your nstp training :)

  • Grace