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Finally I’ve been wondering how mermaids have those curls! The only solution: ALELIER MANILLE‘s Mermaid Hair Waver! Here’s how I did it! :)
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First separate hair into upper/lower sections. Start with the inner most section. Then proceed with the outer section after.

For more defined waves, repeat 2x for each strands/section, maintaining the spacing of the barrel. Suggested heat temp setting is 140°- 160°. The hair waver runs on 110- 220v.

If you have any questions, just comment below or ask ALELIER MANILLE about their hair waver! :)

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VV Workouts: Yoga at Urban Ashram Manila

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I’ve always had the notion that yoga was boring since I almost slept when I tried it once before. I don’t know if it’s cause of I’m growing up or I have more focus now but I started getting addicted to it recently. I’m one to get bored easily so when working out and trying (emphasis on trying) to stay fit, I make sure to try new classes to alternate them to keep me motivated and yoga’s the latest one I did. Urban Ashram Manila gave me a month pass to try all the classes they offer. Thankfully, they have one that caters to non flexible people like me – the FNR or Flexibility Not Required class. The name makes yoga less intimidating since I’ve always thought that you have to be acrobatic flexible to enjoy yoga. Little did I know that it will make you acrobatic flexible after a few classes! hahaha
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The first 75 minute FNR class I took made me look forward to the next one and on my fourth, I was hooked! The classes made me feel better about myself (not kidding!) since I feel lighter and longer. It was also easier for me to fit into my jeans since it kind of helped me lose the stubborn fat above my butt and I can see that my back has that line again in the middle. I’ve been watching what I eat too of course but I’m sure yoga helped me lose the extra weight in a very girly way. haha!
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The schedule of classes UAM has is very flexible for students and working girls like me. I usually go to the 6:30 or 7:30 pm one in their Highstreet branch and I’ve been wanting to try to take morning classes so I’ll probably do so next week. They’re offering a 15 day unlimited pass at an affordable price.

UAM has branches in Highstreet, BGC, Brixton and in Makati. To know more about their classes, visit their website.

See you there! Namaste.

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Hair Tutorial: The Alternative Braid

IMG_7110 copy It’s been a loooong time since I last posted a hair tutorial and i’m excited it’s back! I hope you guys are too! :) I made this come back tutorial for the girls who have a hard time achieving the Tomb Raider Braid. It’s really difficult especially if you don’t have someone to assist you so i’m sharing you the alternative for it :) Any suggestions what hair tutorial I should do next? :) _MG_7595 copy Hair clip and pony tail from: PINKBOX  Untitled-1 _MG_7614 copy    My favorite hairstyle combo? Curly Waves in the end + Pearls + Ribbons But when it comes to upgrading my current Smart Prepaid promo, it would be All In 99 plus #SmartUnliFB2! With #SmartUnliFB2, I can update my facebook status and share my blogposts anytime, anywhere for only P2! It now makes my current usage promo perfect and makes my day better! Send FB2 to 6406 to avail the promo! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! :) 

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