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A Very Dove Weekend

We’re finally blogging about the very Dove weekend we had at Sofitel Plaza about two weeks ago. Verniece and I have been looking forward to their next one since the last one they threw at Fairmont was probably one of our most memorable events last year! This time, they had a much bigger one since it was their very first Dove Summit. I was personally very excited for the products they were going to talk about because I’ve been a loyal user of their hair care line ever since they launched it at the Fairmont sleepover last year :) As expected, I’ve been using their body wash twice a day ever since Sofitel :)
I came from a final exam before the Dove event so I missed the first part of the first day’s program. Last year’s room set up made me so excited about seeing my room that I rushed when I got to the event. I intently wore a blue dress upon arrival so I have an excuse to see the room! haha (Sorry, Martha! :P) We were all required to wear white all throughout the event so I had to change. Here’s what surprised us! :) Those lace cookies you see above were to. die. for. I still daydream about them sometimes!
_MG_1606 copy
Verniece got to attend the program where the beautiful team behind the brand discussed more about real beauty. Verniece mentioned how heartwarming and touching the speech was. I wish I was there to hear it myself! She then had to rush to an important meeting so I represented the both of us at the second part :)

Dove’s main goal for their first ever summit was to stress the importance of #RealBeauty. We girls have a generic notion of what beautiful is because of what brands try to sell us or what media tries to in general. We girls have been accustomed  to the idea that only thin, white, tall girls with really shiny hair are the only ones we can consider beautiful when in reality, there are a million things far beyond the media notion that makes one beautiful. And so to help us girls see ourselves in a different light, the team asked everyone to go up to their room, “unmask” themselves by removing all traces of make up and go back to the Dove tent bare faced. In a media event, where most attendees knows that looks play a big role in their jobs, this is quite a hard thing to do especially when we all found out that professional photographers will be taking our photos. I, myself, was very very excited for this but nervous as well. It’s gonna be the first time people from my industry will see me in that state! Don’t get me wrong though, I barely put make up on a daily basis especially when I don’t have events or I won’t have to take outfit photos but going to an event barefaced is something new! :) I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt that way :) Here’s the picture that Sara Black took of me:
4D4C4347 copy
We were given the chance to unwind and relax abit before the closing dinner of Day 1.
The set up in Dove events are always so beautiful.
The team even had a surprise for us during dinner! They asked a few of our loved ones to say when or what they find us most beautiful and I cried when I saw my mom on the screen!!! If there’s one thing you should know about my mom is that she’s very VERY camera shy so this was such a big thing!!!! :) Ahh Thank you Dove :) This meant so much to us!
Picture 1
The next day, we were asked to join everyone back at the tent at 9 am for the main event. There were three Dove rooms for us to visit where each showcases one product. There was one for body care, another for hair care and lastly for underarms.
First we visited was the one for body care and the set up was such a cute room! It was exactly the peg I had in mind for my own condo in the future :) Very clean and sleek!
_MG_1947 copy
_MG_1946 copy
They asked a few girls from the group for their skin moisture to be tested and Verniece was one of the four volunteers. Hers actually did pretty well with a 75 but after Dove’s body wash, it went up to 89! Amazing right? :) The highest is 100 btw.
_MG_1933 copy

IMG_9183 copy
The next room we went to was the hair care room and I’m honestly such a believer already that the team didn’t need to amaze me with any demonstrations. I tried it myself and I was impressed. I suggest you do too :)

And to cap off the event, we went to their underarms room. Did you know that we remove the protective layer of skin every single time we shave? and it takes almost a month for it to grow back. Yikes!
_MG_2018 copy
_MG_2015 copy
_MG_2017 copy
This whole event felt like a retreat that their ending activity was for us girls to write our aspirations and to stick it in one of the dove ribbons in the ceiling and to reach high! (If I remember the tagline correctly :P)
_MG_2021 copy
We’ll keep what we wrote to ourselves but we’re hoping we’ll achieve it this year :)

A big big thank you to our Dove family for inviting V<3V! Till the next one :)
IMG_9205 copy


An Important Open Letter To Girls Out There

Hey girls! This blog post is meant just for you and I! This topic’s a little bit new for Vern and I here on the blog but one this is important as well so I felt the need to share this with you :)

We girls experience all sorts of problems down there. Wetness, itchiness and sometimes even unfreshness. It’s a different case for all girls out there and Carefree recently launched three videos to help us girls get rid of these common problems. Each video is an infographic that will help you get answers to all your questions as to why this happens to an everyday Filipina girl. The video’s so cute too and I swear, it’s not awkward at all! What can be cuter and funnier than singing underwear??
__carefereee copy copy

_____carefreeefinakfle copy
Now from the video you and I just watched above, here are the points I got from it!

1. Feeling uncomfortable and unfresh is completely normal so don’t panic!

2. Bringing tissue and always becoming prepared is the main key to avoid being Wetty Betty.

3. Cotton panties are girls bestfriends.

4. Wiping from front to back should be the drill

5. Lastly, wear Carefree pantyliners and change as often as you can!

Hope my tips and the Carefree video I shared with you above helped you in avoiding to become wetty betty! :)


Hair Tutorial: How To Maintain Your Permed Hair + A Giveaway

If you have/had permed hair, you know that how it gets dry when time passes.. don’t we all just hate it? I’ve been perming my hair since i was in highschool so thankfully i found the product that can maintain it and even make your curls shiny!! :) So here’s a step by step tutorial:

STEP 1: Use Lucido-L‘s “Repairing Oil”(orange) Supplement before bedtime to dried parts of your hair. It’s amazing how it repairs your hair overnight! :)

IMG_9106gg copy copy

Step 2: right after taking a bath, before you blow dry, apply Lucido-L’s “Styling Milk” (blue).

IMG_9139 copy

Step 3: When blow drying twist curls in several parts (in ward and outward)

IMG_9151 copsssy copy
Ta-da! Here’s how my hair looks after using the Repairing Oil and Curling Milk for straight 2 weeks! :) What do you think? Doesn’t it look healthier? :) and of course i want YOU to try it yourself too! So here’s a quick giveaway, easy mechanics:


1. Like LUCIDO-L’s Facebook
2. Follow Verniece Enciso and Vern Enciso on Twitter
3. Tweet “I want to achieve this bouncy curls!”
4.. Comment your name and tweet link below

You can buy LUCIDO-L products at all WATSONS branches :)