Hi, I’m So Happy

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I was researching on a topic to blog about today till I got a facebook notification message saying that my international law professor released our grades already. I was so nervous that I think I kinda peed in my pants (HAHA kidding) while trying to log in my My Lasalle account. It took me quite awhile though since I was shaking too much that I kept encoding the wrong password. Finally, I got in, clicked view my grades and wrwoitowtuowgjosjvldnmvldngoegiewninenvndvndongwojtwothjowosnv I’M GRADUATING!!!!!!!! Ahh hardwork really does pay off! Blood, sweat and tears were literally spent on that subject. After 5 pounds, a bad case of acne stress, black undereyes, countless papercuts, about 4 highlighters, 1 yellowpad worth of notes and 2 pilot ball pens, I AM FREAKING DONE WITH THAT SUBJECT!! FOREVER!!!

Dr. Robles, I love you. I love you. I love you. I’m so happy I took you again. Okay, I shall go drown in my happiness now!
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Top and Shorts from G By GUESS, Shoes from Jimmy Choo, Clutch from KLOSET MANILA, Russian Red Lipstick from MAC COSMETICS




Girls Night Out

and just like that it’s already Friday! Luckily most of you are already on your summer break (and sadly i still have one week in school) and i’m sure you’ll be planning a lot of events. Most probably birthdays, brand launches or maybe just a night out with your girls. So here are some tips you use when choosing an outfit :)

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1. Black Dress

You can never go wrong with black. Just like this lace dress from G by Guess!
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2. HandBag

Any small handbag to put your phone, wallet and some retouch make up

3. Accessorise 

with accessorising, you can either just stick to a bangle and earrings! When it comes to this, Vern and I like it simple :)

4. Hair 

Try to work on your big loose curls! One trick: tie your hair stay in a bun for 3 hours

5. The Power of Red Lipstick 

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Dress from: G BY GUESS Bangle from: PINKBOX Earrings from: SM ACCESSORIES Bag from: Chanel (borrowed from Vern) Shoes from: YSL

Hope you all have a fun Friday! :)


This Is What It Feels Like Without School

It’s been about almost a week now since my last law exam and ahhh I’m not used to having free time! For the past three months, I had such a hard time juggling school, work, events, having a social life and spending time with my loved ones. Now, I’m so happy that I have more time to do the things I haven’t had the time to do like going to the gym, all things girly, catching up on my book list, movie nights with my siblings, skyping with Ben, attending more events and face to face meetings :) I’ve been waking up at lunch time the past three days and I’ve never been happier! haha

I had no work today except for taking outfit photos and answering emails so I got my roots redone, my nails done, satisfied my Hainanese chicken cravings with my siblings and even bought a new board game for us to play with my mom – Scrabble! :) I’ve been drawn to sundresses lately and here’s what I wore today:
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Dress: I’ve been a bad blogger so if you sent me this, please comment below so I can credit properly! :), Shoes from Louis Vuitton, Clutch from THE LOST NOMAD, Sunglasses from Céline, Necklace from SM ACCESSORIES

One of the things I started doing ever since I got together with Ben was take pictures of the things I do on a daily basis. I swear, I don’t think I’ve taken this much selfies and useless things! So I finally have more pictures and I can show you few of the things I did today:
Got it done at Bench Fix Salon in Greenbelt 3. My mom recently had her hair colored here and we both have the same sensitive skin so when I found out that she didn’t break out from their medicine, I headed straight there! :)
Verniece and I cannot work at home so we always have to head out to answer emails and do blog posts! We made Myron’s Place our office for awhile! haha
Verniece and I are soooo addicted to to spicy tuna salad! We can finish one to share serving each :P
Baby Verne! He has a instagram now! follow him? :P @BabyVerne