What I’ve Been Up To Lately

It’s been awhile since Vern and I posted “What We’ve Been Up To Lately” and finally it’s back!!! :) but this time, Vern and I will be doing it alternately and it’s my turn to start it once again :) Can you believe that we’re down to our last 5 months til 2015?? I never have been so thankful of what 2014 has brought me and now that my favorite/birthday month is coming up, i’m so excited to find out what else is in store for Vern and I! Our first book launch will be happening on august 9 so I hope you’ve saved the date already :) Anyway here’s what I’ve been up to lately.. just scroll down to the photos and captions below :) photo (1) copy Clingy time with the family is always what I look forward to every Sunday. Since we all have different schedules (yes, even baby verne has a schedule hahaha) we make it to a point to have quality time once or twice a week. Last sunday, baby verne found his twin!!! :P IMG_1648 copy Mommy’s sunday dish, buttered shrimps and lobsters! Nomnomnom IMG_0857 copy The morning after, i went to my sweater weather escape and had breakfast with my favorite. Perfect breeze, perfect company. IMG_0859 copy I enjoyed the salmon egg benedict the most IMG_0948 I started my tuesday with Belo for my underarm revlite treatment.. but first #kilikiliselfie hahahaha don’t judge my eyebags IMG_0949 copy After my treatment, Vern and I rushed to #LaTentationDeNinaph event at the very cute pastry shop!  IMG_1024 copy copy IMG_1018 copyThe scent’s so sweet it makes me want to eat it :P  fact: One of the ingredients in the perfume is a (Laudree) macaroon.  IMG_1034 copyVern and I took advantage of the place and took 109039819894893 #ootd photos. Isn’t the place just adorable? :)







___1k1o1ko1 Made it on time for my 6pm class! Here’s what I’ve been doing for almost 3 hours. 2d animation can be difficult.. IMG_1119 July 23, 1014. After 3 weeks of delay, the day I’ve been so excited about the past month has finally arrived! Worked with one of my favorite brands! :) I just can’t wait to share what it is about!!! :) 12345 copy I’ve recently appreciated the goodness of Ding Dong, can you believe that i’ve been eating it everyday for the past 2 weeks?? Hahahaha (i eat the orange nuts first and the green peas last) IMG_1263 Just a few more weeks til I reveal what it is for.. :) IMG_1268 copy Vern and I started our Thursday early for Cream Silk’s newest promotion. To all the girls out there, please watch out for this! because just like what Cream Silk says “dare to dream and go where your hair can take you” hahaha  IMG_1405 copy The amazing team who did our hair, make up and styled us! The day was just full of laughter! :D IMG_1491 copy Can my hair be like this forever.. IMG_1499 copy IMG_1598 P1070004 copy (*cue in song: everyday everyday the magic is here haha) It’s been a while since Vern, Vernon and I had a sibling day so we decided to go to Enchanted Kingdom! We loved how the park wasn’t too crowded so we got to ride the space shuttle and anchors away on repeat :P IMG_1643 copy IMG_1694 Matching Keds red shoes with twin! :) IMG_1695 copy Watch out for Vern’s post next Sunday! Hope you liked this post! :)

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Some Me Time

_MG_9916 copy One of the downsides (maybe one in one million upsides) of traveling for me is that I spend atleast one week preparing for a trip and adjusting to being home when I get back. It’s in that span of time where my usual routine comes into a temporary halt. It finally sunk in a few days ago that my Singapore trip was over so I was back into work mode and that’s where my itching for some me time started. It’s been about two weeks since my last workout (hello flabs!), same time as my last mani-pedi (yikes!) and almost a month since my last trip to Belo Medical Group. Yesterday, I made sure not to schedule any work so I could do all of those and ofcourse I had to be in something comfortable :) Here’s what I wore:
_MG_9891 copy   _MG_9881 copy _MG_9905
_MG_9900 copy
I started with a facial, Revlite and body Scrub at Belo Highstreet Branch before doing bank errands. I’m so hard headed that I keep exposing myself to the sun that it’s been harder and harder for me to get back to my original skin color :( My last stop for the afternoon before meeting up with my family for dinner was Vivan Zapanta’s Pilates Studio in Fort as well. I thought Pilates wasnt as hard as Conditioning in Elorde but boy I was wrong! I shall blog about the place soon for VV Workouts :)
_MG_9884 copy _MG_9909 copy _MG_9898 copy
Top from Mango, Cover Up from Zara, Pants from FOR ME CLOTHING, Shoes and Bag from Louis Vuitton, Sunglasses from TEES AND THINGS 

Speaking of Belo, I would just like to greet Belo Medical Group a happy happy anniversary and here’s how they’re celebrating! Congratulations Dra. Belo! :) 1111

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Friday Night Out

_MG_9036 copy
One thing I love about the rainy seasons is that I get to wear my leather jackets again. Back in highschool, when leather jackets were my favorite pieces to wear, i hoarded every color i see! I love how even after 4 years, i can still repeat it and just pair it differently :) Jackets are definitely something good to invest on.

Since trying something different is part of my 2014 resolutions, here’s my take on something on the dark side. Usually I pair black and white with something very girly but this time, i wanted to go for the edgy look and matched it with a red leather jacket and lipstick. What do you think? :)
_MG_9044 copy

Dress from: G BY GUESS Bag from: Michael Kors

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