Singapore 2014 Photo Diary

Here’s the last of blog posts from the trip! Have you ever came from one feeling like you took too much photos but came home and realised that you didn’t take enough? I feel like these pictures don’t do justice! I think I have to invest in those small cameras that have amazing quality now because it’s hard to bring my big SLR around and sometimes my iPhone doesn’t suffice.

I’ve mentioned in my previous blog posts that I went to Singapore almost two weekends ago for Ben’s 27th birthday with his family. It’s actually quite ironic how I always say that I’m never going back to that country after every time I come home but still find myself going back. I’ve gone a total of four times now and I actually got to experience it with four different groups – family, friends, work and with a boyfriend. I don’t know if it’s because of the company or I went in groups before that’s why it’s hard to do so much things at my own pace but the latest one was actually different and it made me want to go back to Singapore again. There’s so much more to do now and it’s the first time that I’ve actually said that four days in Singapore wasn’t enough. Though the weather is still horrible and shopping is still crazy expensive, all the walking and commuting Ben and I did made me appreciate all the beautiful architecture the country has to offer. Plus the food is still amazing and I wish I stayed in Sentosa more. If there’s one thing I learned from this trip, it’s that travel with someone who’s not afraid to get lost and explore because it’s when you’re lost that you find really really good food. (Yup, you can say we got lost a lot! HAHA) :)
IMG_6922 copy
Stayed in Trevista Condominiums in Toa Payoh instead of a hotel. It was a nice change!
_MG_8552 copy
_MG_8579 copy
Our second stop after Haji Lane was Bugis St. I love shopping there!
_MG_8570 copy
IMG_7893 copy
The amazing Marina Bay Sands. To tell you honestly, I didn’t realize that the figure on top was a boat until I watched a documentary about it. I wonder what I was seeing before this trip! HAHA!
IMG_7956 copy
The Singapore Skyline. Manila should have a place where the Makati one would be seen!
IMG_6957 copy
This was our stop to go home!
IMG_8254 copy
Annnnd my favourite place to eat in! I’ve said before that I love trying street and authentic local food in all the countries I go to so Newton Square is my go to place whenever I’m in Singapore. This is where I tried eating a String Ray for the first time two years ago. Their chill crab and curry are amazeballs!
Annnd here’s all the street food we ate! The first picture is their version of a dirty ice cream- I love the chocolate and sweet corn flavour on wafers! The second one’s cereal prawns. I didn’t get to eat a really good one since it’s quite hard to find but as long I got to eat it! The third picture’s what Ben and I had for lunch.. now do you know why we call each other baboy? haha! And the last picture has a funny story. We intended to eat somewhere in the city proper but totally forgot where the subway station was so we asked a Filipino walking by and she said “DOON!” and pointed to the right. Ben kept arguing that it was to the left but I kept saying that why won’t we believe a person who looked liked she lived there and so we went right. We kept walking and walking (He was holding his laughter and his “I am right” look right about here) and no station was in sight instead we found this little hole in the wall place that served authentic Singaporean food. See what I mean about being with someone who doesn’t mind getting lost? :)
IMG_8004 copy
The group!
IMG_7994 copy
Clarke Quay.
IMG_8320 copy
IMG_8321 copy
IMG_8348_2 copy
It was the first time I saw this Merlion upclose. When I went two years ago for Zouk Out, the fake one in Sentosa was our room view so I didn’t both going all the way here to see this. It’s still just a statue unclose but it was nice to see the cliche!
IMG_8372 copy
Our date nights started in Hong Kong and I’m very lucky that he makes the effort and makes sure that the ones we have always have good food and an amazing view. I can’t believe that the one you see on the backdrop of this picture was our view while eating :)

Till the next trip! All photos except the first three were taken using my #SmartIphone5s

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Being A Kid In Singapore

This is probably the 3rd time I’m posting about Universal Studios Singapore here on the blog but every single time I visit, I find something new to be amazed about it. But since you’re probably bored or have seen it here numerous times, I decided to just blog about all the kiddy places we went to :) I’ve always wanted to check out the Art Science Museum in Marina Bay Sands and lucky for Ben, the exhibit was a dinosaur one since he wanted to be a paleontologist when he was a kid. I wish I caught the Egypt one though since I’ve always been fascinated with its rich history. Anyway, even if we’re already 27 and 21, we still jump on any opportunity to be kids even just for a few hours :) Sharing with you pictures from the two places and I made sure that the pictures were different from the ones I blogged before :) IMG_8015 IMG_6933 IMG_8019 copyIMG_8033 My favourite ride! IMG_8035 IMG_8065 Sucks that this roller coaster was closed :( IMG_8066 IMG_8027 IMG_8041 IMG_8039 IMG_8071 Jurassic Park has this ride where you get wet and the wait for it was two hours long :( It’s my 4th time here but never got to! IMG_8074 IMG_8084 Far faraway land! IMG_8047IMG_6944 Top and skirt from Bugis St., Singapore, Shoes from TONIC BAGS AND SHOES, Sungalsses from TEES AND THINGS, Necklace from SM ACCESSORIES IMG_8179 copy IMG_8180 I always get this after going to Universal! My favourite’s the chicago mix!! :) IMG_7904 Marina Bay Sands! This was where the Art Science Museum was :) IMG_7905 IMG_7906 IMG_7909 IMG_7910 IMG_7924 IMG_7907 Space ice cream!! :) IMG_7929 They’re huuuge! Imagine if they were alive now! IMG_7935 Didn’t know how big they were till actually seeing this!! IMG_7939 All the heads of the dinosaurs! Hope you had fun going through this blog post :)

All photos were taken using my #SmartIphone5s

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Perfect For Humid Singapore

And we’re back! I have about three posts left to post form my trip :) Even if I’m used to the heat of the Philippines already, I still quite consider Singapore too humid for me. I’ve been to the country four times already prior to this trip and I’m still not used to it. It was so hard to dress up too since Singapore is a place where people actually dress up but its too hot to bring out the goods! haha That’s where midi skirts like these come in. The prints are bold enough to actually wear with a spaghetti strip like this one and I need it to survive the weather in the country. I wore this on my last day in Singapore when we just went around shopping in Orchard :) This outfit actually made me miss summer!
_MG_8610 copy
_MG_8666 copy
_MG_8642 copy copy
_MG_8669 copy
This set of photos were taken in the condominium that we stayed in. I actually consider the whole Singapore a big Fort Bonifacio since everything’s so clean and organized! Plus everything you need is within’s reach. I don’t think I’m going back soon but I miss the place already. Travelling can be so addicting!
_MG_8707 copy
_MG_8672 copy

_MG_8611 copy
Top from Cotton On, Skirt from APARTMENT 8, Shoes from TEES AND THINGS, Necklace from SM ACCESSORIES

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